What goes on at the YSC Clear Lake Cabin in the summertime?

The cabin is open to YSC member and their friends from late-May through September. Most weekends are organized with meals provided, suitable for members of all ages. Specially denoted weekend events are geared especially towards families with children; some towards the young party crowd.

Are advance reservations required?

Yes. Reservations are taken during the week of the event, typically between Tuesday and Thursday. Most members book online, though telephone reservations are taken one night per week. Your membership must be current.

May I bring nonmembers with me?

Yes, your guests are welcome. Due to limited capacity, popular weekends such as Midsommar may have a limit of two guests per member.

How/when do I pay for my stay?

It is preferred that you pay online by credit card before your arrival, though cash and check payments will be accepted at the cabin during your stay. You are responsible for your guests’ payment. Checks are only accepted from current YSC members.

When should I arrive for my weekend stay?

Attendees are welcome to arrive anytime Friday. Folks typically arrive either Friday night or Saturday morning. Those arriving Friday are welcome to fix their own dinner in the kitchen, as the first meal is not provided until Saturday morning. Those who do not show up, or cancel by the deadline, will be billed a no-show fee.

It looks like folks can only get there by private car. What if I don’t have one?

During popular weekends, it’s quite easy to arrange a ride for people. The online reservations systems lists folks that offer rides, and those that need them.

Where do people sleep?

Everybody sleeps outside. The spacious front lawn is for those who prefer to sleep under the stars, while small tents are welcome on the back lawn. A mattress is provided (one per person, please, on big weekends). Sleeping under the bright, starry California sky is a treat – there are no mosquitoes and little humidity.

So what’s in the cabin itself?

The cabin as a large kitchen, men’s and women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, and a living room/dance floor.

How is the weather there?

Far inland from the chilly coast, Clear Lake offers the California weather that one expects. Hot summer days are nearly guaranteed through most of the season, with an average high temperature of 93F/34C. Dry air allows for cooler, comfortable evenings, and rain is nearly unheard of.

Is the Clear Lake Cabin family-friendly?

By all means, bring the kids along. With a canoe, paddleboat, other water toys, and other children, the cabin is an excellent place for families to meet. You may wish to avoid the occasional party weekend, when “older” YSC kids turn it up a notch.

Anything special I should know about the special “party” weekends?

They can be wild, catering to members in their 20’s and 30’s. They are often crowded, with the music played loud and late. Folks are known to dress up a bit for dinner and the Saturday night party.

What should I bring, besides the obvious swimsuit, towel, bedding, and pillow?

Filtered drinking water is available at the cabin, but many prefer to bring bottled water along. Lots of folks bring along beer and/or wine, as only nonalcoholic beverages are provided with meals. Seasoned Clear Lake veterans know to bring an icebox along to keep their supplies cool. In this case, pick up a bag of ice on the way, as ice is in limited supply at the cabin.

What’s this about doing a chore?

All attendees must do one chore during their weekend stay. A variety of cooking and cleaning tasks are available, typically lasting 30-60 minutes. Chores will be assigned upon arrival.