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September 15, 2021

Confidentiality Agreement Ppt

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY LAW FALL © 2015 MICHAEL I. SHAMOS 19 COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY LAW FALL 2015 © 2015 MICHAEL I. SHAMOSEARTHWeb v. If the obligation not to compete (which would include, for example, a non-deletion clause) is part of the employment contract, the inevitable doctrine of disclosure cannot be used to supplement the covenant, change its importance or make an otherwise unenforceable contract applicable. 22 EarthWeb v. Schlack The court found that use or disclosure was not “unavoidable” and refused to transform the very general clause on protected information into a non-compete clause. It then turned to the non-competition clause which it applied strictly according to its conditions The “main” activity of was not to offer a directory, a library or an online shop for IT professionals. There would be no more than 2% of its business. Even if this were`s core business, EarthWeb would have to demonstrate that the most competitive was reasonable and necessary to protect its legitimate interests. . . .