Cabin Rules


The cabin has electric bear wire in place. It will not harm you , but needs to be handled with care.
To Enter: grab TOP black handle and disconnect. This will disable the other two wires.
Take off second, then third wire by handle.
When leaving or at night replace wire from BOTTOM to TOP. Lowest wire first, then second, then TOP which will activate barrier.


Check-In Time 3 p.m.
Check-Out Time 11 a.m.
Everyone must register in the guest book upon arrival. Reservations must be paid for before staying at the cabin (unless special arrangements have been made with the cabin manager.) Please vacate rooms by 11:00am on date of departure.


Don’t clutter common areas with personal belongings. Ski boots can be stored in racks in the laundry room. Other ski gear should be stored in the outside stairwell.


Pets are not allowed in the Tahoe Cabin. 


Smoking of any kind (including vaping) is not allowed inside the Tahoe cabin. 


During the current pandemic, bringing own sheets and towels is mandatory. NO sheets or towels are available. 

Food is not provided, but the kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave and common spices, and there are nearby supermarkets.

Wood for the cabin’s wood stove is usually available. To operate the wood stove, you should bring a fire starter or kindling, and some dry wood to get the fire started. The wood under the deck is not always dry, but can be used once you have a good fire going.


Quiet hours are usually 10:00pm to 7:00 am. (The stairs can be noisy for those in the rooms, so please step lightly if you come in late or leave early!)


Children are not to play on the stairs for safety and noise reasons.


This is your cabin, not a hotel. To make sure everybody enjoys the cabin at a reasonable rate, please ensure that you help out.

  • Cabin rates can remain low with your help!

  • All guests are expected to clean up after themselves.

  • Rooms should be cleaned and beds should be stripped.

  • If club bedding was used, it must be washed, dried, and put away.

  • Leave kitchen spotless after use; do not leave food in the refrigerator.

  • Apply bearproof lids to garbage cans at all times. (To prevent having to clean a big mess!)


Driving Tips

Driving Conditions
Caltrans: (800) 427-7623

Weather Conditions

Tahoe Bus Transit (530) 581-6365
Tahoe Taxi (530) 546-3181