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October 5, 2021

Sample Flea Market Vendor Agreement

The supplier can provide a flexible discount that can only be used for internal negotiations – in order to reduce calls to the supplier and make it easier to sell products from this level. Requests for further discounts/rebates are forwarded to the supplier for review and response. If contact is not available, only a flexible discount will be applied. If there is no flexible discount, we will inform the customer that we are not allowed to negotiate the price of tickets. Individuals, small businesses and organizations can register. You will receive your table assignment on the morning of the event. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market (TPRFM) reserves the right to cancel your registration if your items for sale do not match our mission. A complete (but incomplete) list of acceptable items is available on our website in By registering with the TPRFM, you agree to abide by all policies, rules, rules, schedules, etc. You agree that TPRFM may record and/or use photos, videos and/or recordings of your stand for advertising purposes in print or television advertisements, brochures, postcards, leaflets, websites and other marketing materials.

You agree not to hold Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, LLC, its partners, collaborators or property liability if you do not make a profit. You understand that Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market reserves the right to refuse any seller registration if it believes that the items for sale do not match the DIY or punk rock ethos of the main mission of the event. You confirm that you have read the TPRFM Provider Agreement or that you have had the opportunity to read and fully understand it. NO EXCEPTIONS Weapons, knives, swords, etc., undisguised pornography, manufactured tobacco, alcoholic products, homophobic or racist objects (including all products and goods that save lives) or illicit substances within the limits of the flea market at any time. TPRFM does not accept representatives of brands such as Avon, Bathfitters, LuLaRoe, Jamberry Nails, Origami Owl or any other direct sales representative. If you register as a supplier and are refused, we cancel your registration and refund your money minus the 20% processing fee The chip sales template app covers all important details of the event and seller, including items for sale, the amount of space needed, location, contact information and rent amount. The supplier contract also includes the rules and regulations of the stands and details on the size of the tables, the space constraints of the suppliers and the safety rules. Once this is done, users can electronically unsubscribe from the app and start selling their stuff. Attention: Stephanie Sheldon [Email:] SELLING FEES AND REFUNDS Your seller`s fees include your place of sale and a 6` table. Chairs are not included.

We do not offer any refunds once you have registered for one of our events. Sellers can sell used, vintage and/or new items. We limit the number of stationary companies that sell new items. Suppliers can accommodate an employee (guest) at their table at no additional cost. If you want there to be more than one person with you at the flea market, you can pay for the entrance to the flea market on the day of the event….