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October 11, 2021

Thames Valley Student Health Agreement

Families of students who participate in personal learning should check their children every day. Middlesex London Health Unit, Southwestern Public Health Unit and Children`s Hospital have developed a tripartite parenting decision tool that helps families take the steps they need to take when they answer “yes” to one of the questions on the COVID-19 daily testing checklist. Secondary school students are limited to 100 contacts per day and primary school students have less than 50 contacts per day. The board needs extra time to update student schedules. “More than 25,000 high school students are being rescheduled as we speak,” Fisher said. So far, the only case recorded on the site is that of H.B. Beal Secondary School which was announced on Monday. They will also agree to pick up their child immediately if they show symptoms during the school day. At a special meeting Tuesday night, Director of Education Mark Fisher said the Department of Education had reversed its decision on the TVDSB back-to-school plan. “There`s a lot of speculation about who it might be, people want to know pretty much what class it was in and if we were in contact with them, but people don`t panic.” For the most up-to-date information on the coronavirus, parents/legal guardians should check the Ministry of Health website…