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October 12, 2021

Twitch Partner Program Agreement

Twitch has about 27,000 partners, out of a total of 2.2 million unique monthly channels. Twitch still accepts the program. The biggest problem I have with this agreement is this small part of the agreement: Section 2.2: Exclusivity of Live Content. As soon as you`re ready to work in the desired state of the partner streamer, you consider the following factors that likely qualify you to participate in a more lucrative program. I guess there`s a little bit of money in this agreement, in a kind of step back from this section, which is in a completely different place from this agreement, in the FAQ for this affiliate agreement. It`s not explicitly listed in the partnership agreement, but Destiny (after getting its 30-day ban and discovering that its veteran contract actually allowed it to stream on Youtube as long as it wasn`t video games) talked about its new deal, which was considered the “Twitch standard” and had a lot of weird clauses that targeted exclusivity and content standards. You give basic information to sign up for the program, sign your Twitch affiliate agreement, give Amazon your tax information by completing Royalty and Service Tax (TIMS) interviews, and tell Amazon where to send your payments by filling out the Tipalti form. Compared to the affiliate program, Twitch Partner doesn`t have such simple criteria and requires much more effort to participate. Some factors that influence the estimate are the following: Twitch is currently looking for channels that are not yet partners, but that meet the stated requirements for the Twitch partnership. If this is your first day on the streaming platform, the list may seem daunting. However, qualification for the program is still achievable through a little work and commitment. Here`s what experienced affiliates recommend you reach the criteria much faster. I`m not a legal expert, take that for what you want.

But I know that this Twitch affiliate agreement is not something you should sign without knowing what`s in it. I hope that you will now be armed with the knowledge of what is in this obligation and that you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to be part of it. I can`t stress this point enough: read and read this agreement several times until you understand each clause. . . .