The Young Scandinavians Club, or YSC for short, is a social club for Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American singles and families of all ages in the San Francisco Bay Area. Events take place throughout Northern California. Members have access to club-owned cabins in Clear Lake and Lake Tahoe, while social and cultural events take place year round in and near San Francisco. Those with Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, or Swedish heritage may qualify for membership, with rates starting at just $35 per year.

Crayfish Party with the Nordstr÷ms
Jul 31-Aug 2, 2015
Clear Lake Summer Cabin

The Crayfish are back! Our president, Peter Nordstr÷m and his wife Natalia are taking on this weekend for a very traditional crayfish party! This will be a great weekend for all ages. (Disclaimer, It tends to get a bit loud after a few aquavits). Last... read more

Chill CL Weekend with Henrik (age 25+)
August 28-30, 2015
Clear Lake Summer Cabin

This weekend will be different from the typical crazy CL parties that I normally organize in the following ways: 1) More mature crowd (25 and up). 2) Less people (30-50 people) 3) We'll collaborate the menu (It'll be much easier to cook great food). 4)... read more

Clear Lake - Ăgir's Feast w/Erdmann Rogge
September 4-6, 2015
Clear Lake Summer Cabin

As the Viking Sagas tell, Ăgir is the Giant King of the Sea, master of the ocean. Ăgir has a hall that is lit not by fire but by bright gold. Every year he invites all of the Gods and some of the elves for a great feast at his hall, Brime, aka the YSC Clear... read more

Crayfish party
Jul 31-Aug 2

Aug 28-30

Sep 4-6

Sep 11-13

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