Clearlake Dock Project

“Essentially the dock has reached the end of it’s functional life. “

CL Cabin Master, Dave Conroy and Assistant Solveig Barnes

The Clear Lake dock took a brutal beating from the storms at the beginning of the year. Three out of the nine dock sections are damaged to the point that the structural frame and tire floats are unsalvageable, and there is an urgent need to replace these sections ASAP.

The unfortunate truth, the Club does not have enough savings to fully cover the cost of replacing these dock sections. As a nonprofit club, we are asking everyone’s help and support to keep the heart and soul of this cabin afloat.

The board has approved funds to assist in replacing the most significantly damaged section and temporarily fixing the other two. The hard truth, the entire dock will not last another season if we only apply temporary fixes and band-aids. The board agrees that this is a huge undertaking financially and physically and we recognize that this project needs to be completed thoroughly and professionally.

We have formed a committee of qualified and dedicated members/professionals that have put together a budget and game plan to execute this project. If you are interested in joining this committee, please email us at

The estimated cost per dock section, including shipping, is roughly $4,600-$5,000.

Our goal is to raise $45,000 for this dock revival project, and have more new sections in place for the 2024 season.

We built and installed the first dock section spring of 2023 in an effort to save our summer season use of the dock.

We managed as a crew to deconstruct, reuse what we could and rebuild a sturdy, reliable dock structural frame that will outlast the next 20 years.

Our new dock section in place!

We couldn’t have done this without our incredibly dedicated members and friends who volunteered their time, tools, and patience building this section.

Volunteer Recognition

Thank you Allen Hinkelman, Solveig Barnes and Dave Conroy for taking the initiative back in 2019 to tackle the the deteriorating 15 year old dock and turning a dream into a reality.

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped build this dock section and turned our winter cabin into summer ready ship shape!

Seti Shay, Lisa and Fred Barnes, Carsten Hughes, Andrew Todt, Lotti Hermansson, Jeanette and Henrik Flodell, Ramesh Awal, Erdmann Rogge, JoAnna Schull, Monica Anderson, Ryan DeCoster, Eric Krussman, Jesper Lundbaek, Annelie Nilsson

We can’t thank you all enough!

Donation Breakdown

$150 donation includes a personalized inscription tile that will be permanently placed on the cabins fireplace mantle for eternity.

$100 donation includes a $15 coupon to any of the Clear Lake summer season events.

$50 donation included a 2 free drink ticket to any of our YSC events that offer drink tickets for purchase.

$25 donation and lower are still extremely helpful and incredibly important to achieve our goal.

To redeem your donation coupon. Please email your purchase receipt to the event host who will generate you a one time use coupon.