Clear Lake Cabin

The Young Scandinavians Club owns a slice of paradise on the shores of Clear Lake, California’s largest natural lake. Located 2 1/2 hours north of San Francisco, the Clear Lake cabin is open as a weekend destination for YSC members from May through September, featuring the perfect climate for this camping-style lakeside location. During the off season, the cabin is available for full buyout, and will be setup with beds in the two front rooms, as well as the ladies’ locker room.

Many weekend events throughout the summer are organized with meals provided from breakfast on Saturday through Sunday’s lunch. Most weekends feature a calm, relaxed atmosphere suitable for members of all ages. Families with children would especially enjoy the annual Kids Olympics weekend, while those young Scandinavians who like to party late into the night must try the annual Midsommar and Viking Sports weekends where attendance often exceeds 100 people. Skål!

Note: Due to low Lake waters levels this year, we ask that members and their guests to not dive off of the deck.


You may arrive anytime Friday or Saturday. Upon arrival, sign up for a chore. Newcomers should introduce themselves to the Cabin Manager.

9325 Bass Road, Kelseyville, CA 95451

You will nearly certainly arrive by car, as the public transportation possibilities are almost non-existent. Carpooling can be arranged (and is encouraged) through the reservation system. Drivers should bring a Northern California map

Directions from San Francisco

  • Take HWY 101 North past Santa Rosa
  • Take the River Road/Guerneville Exit (exit 494)
  • Turn Right onto Mark West Springs Rd (becomes Porter Creek Rd) and go 10.5 miles until it ends
  • Turn Left at the stop sign onto Petrified Forrest Rd towards Calistoga and go 4.6 miles until it ends
  • Turn Left at the stop sign onto Foothill Blvd/HWY 128 and go for 0.8 miles
  • Turn Right onto Tubbs Lane and go for 1.3 miles until it ends
  • Turn Left onto Hwy 29 and go for 28 miles over Mt. Saint Helena through Middletown to the stoplight in Lower Lake
  • Turn Left onto Hwy 29 at Lower Lake (Shell Station on left) and go for 7.5 miles
  • Turn Right onto Soda Bay Road/Hwy 281 (Kits Corner Store on right) and go for 4.3 miles
  • Turn Right onto Bass Road (just after Montezuma Way and a church) and go for 0.3 miles
  • Turn Right at the third driveway with the YSC sign
  • If you come to Konocti Harbor Inn, you’ve just missed Bass Road


From the Bay Area, take Greyhound to Ukiah and change to Lake Transit. You will need to be dropped off of the 4A line at the intersection of Soda Bay Road & Bass Road, or arrange for someone to pick you up in Lakeport (if you actually try this, please let us know how it goes).


During busy weekends (over 60 people), park as close to the next car as possible, and choose a parking spot according to when you plan to leave. Otherwise you may find yourself blocked in on Sunday morning.


Sleep under the stars on the main lawn (mattresses are provided), or pitch a tent on the back lawn. Tent space is limited, so please do not bring a large tent to a busy weekend. To sleep outside in California’s dry, mosquito-free climate is wonderful.


Water System Operations Manual


Most weekend events feature five meals beginning with breakfast on Saturday and ending with Sunday’s lunch. There is a Happy Hour before dinner on Saturday. Those arriving hungry on Friday may cook their own food in the kitchen. Three more meals are provided during three-day weekends (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day).


Bring a road map, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, flip-flops, etc/osv. For party and other themed weekends, your dancing shoes may come in handy for the Saturday night party. Basic beverages are provided with each meal, and tap water is safe to drink. Many members bring a cooler full of ice, bottled water, and other necessities. The nearest store is 5 miles (8km) away.


Everyone MUST contribute to their Clearlake experience by performing one of the available cooking or cleaning chores. Sign up upon arrival, before the more desirable chores are taken.


Private boats are welcome. There is no fee for boats being moored overnight but must be reserved in advance. We ask that visiting boats do not play music too loud, but leave the music to the host and the potential DJ. Boat trailers cannot be parked on the YSC grounds. Equipment provided are basic waterskis, wakeboard, kneeboard, and innertube. All boats much comply with the new Invasive Mussel Program. There is a $1,000 fine for non-compliance.


Typically, the lights and music go off at 12:00 midnight. This does not apply to specially denoted party weekends.


Most weekend events are perfectly suitable for families with children. The cabin is paradise for kids. Because of the enthusiastic nature of party weekends, it is recommended that children do not attend.


Dogs and other pets are strictly NOT allowed anywhere on YSC property.


Yes, your guests are welcome. Due to limited capacity, popular weekends such as Midsommar may have a limit of two guests per member.


Attendees are welcome to arrive anytime Friday. Folks typically arrive either Friday night or Saturday morning. Those arriving Friday are welcome to fix their own dinner in the kitchen, as the first meal is not provided until Saturday morning. Those who do not show up, or cancel by the deadline, will be billed a no-show fee.


Everybody sleeps outside. The spacious front lawn is for those who prefer to sleep under the stars, while small tents are welcome on the back lawn. A mattress is provided (one per person, please, on big weekends). Sleeping under the bright, starry California sky is a treat – there are no mosquitoes and little humidity.


The cabin as a large kitchen, men’s and women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, and a living room/dance floor.


Far inland from the chilly coast, Clear Lake offers the California weather that one expects. Hot summer days are nearly guaranteed through most of the season, with an average high temperature of 93F/34C. Dry air allows for cooler, comfortable evenings, and rain is nearly unheard of.


By all means, bring the kids along. With a canoe, paddleboat, other water toys, and other children, the cabin is an excellent place for families to meet. You may wish to avoid the occasional party weekend, when “older” YSC kids turn it up a notch.


They can be wild, catering to members who like to party. They are often crowded, with the music played loud and late. Folks are known to dress up a bit for dinner and the Saturday night party.


Filtered drinking water is available at the cabin, but many prefer to bring bottled water along. Lots of folks bring along beer and/or wine, as only nonalcoholic beverages are provided with meals. Seasoned Clear Lake veterans know to bring an icebox along to keep their supplies cool. In this case, pick up a bag of ice on the way, as ice is in limited supply at the cabin.


All attendees must do one chore during their weekend stay. A variety of cooking and cleaning tasks are available, typically lasting 30-60 minutes. Chores will be assigned upon arrival.


While most people find plenty to do at the Clearlake Summer Cabin (swimming, sunbathing, volleyball, waterskiing, foosball, and just plain relaxing), these nearby attractions may appeal to some members:

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Hiking Mount Konocti

Wine Tasting

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