Annual Meeting & Elections

The YSC held its general Annual Meeting and elections on February 5th, at the Swedish American Hall. We had about 50 people show up. The board presented the past year, as well as the plan for the upcoming year and news about our cabins. Unfortunately the winter storms have caused a lot of damage to the dock at the Clear Lake cabin, and extensive repairs will be needed.

We had three positions on the board that were up for either reelection or replacement. Bianca Tisell and Dave Conroy were reelected for another three-year term, and the president Ulrika Lidström had decided to step down from the board. Long-time club member and previous board member Christopher Healey was elected to her empty seat. At the next Board meeting, the board will elect a new president and other officer positions.

Gordo and Rolf, quite excited about the financial report.

We also presented a brief summary of the recent member survey, sent out in January. We got some good insight into the club demographics, and what people would like to see when it comes to events and cabins. More to come on this soon, as we prepare a post-survey report to send out.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in this important general meeting!

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