Seal watching at Año Nuevo State Park

YSC members on seal hiking trip

YSC board member Aaron organized this sold-out family friendly event where we got up and close to the elephant seals that call Año Nuevo SP home.

15 club members braved the gnarly weather and got what turned out to be a really awesome day outdoors. The weather opened up with a chilly rain as we left for the trail, got  pretty  miserable for about  20 minutes, then stopped and brought in blue skies, by the time we returned 2 hours later it was a lovely day on the coast.

Hard to beat seeing  these massive  beasts thumping around the beach and the cute pups  with huge black eyes close up.

We should do this again a bit earlier next year , end of January  would be an ideal  time to see a lot of activity.

And for anyone interested  it’s free to come visit in November and there will be  large bulls on the beach.

May Happy Hour in Belmont

Club board member Aaron Zorndorf hosted a lovely Happy Hour in Belmont in San Mateo County. It was easy access so we even got some city folks to join! We gathered in the outdoor garden at the Waterdog Tavern and enjoyed a good selection of beverages and appetizers, and reconnected with new and old friends.

It sounds like Aaron has already scoped out some other venues for future Peninsula events. Stay tuned!