Peninsula Happy Hour @ Menlo Park

Aaron Zorndorf hosted this happy hour at the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park. Our happy hours outside of the city have been quite popular and we intend to continue offering a mix of locations and weekdays this year. The Dutch Goose HH was held on February 17th, and we had about 17-18 guests show up.

YSC Board Meeting January 9, 2023

Young Scandinavians Club  Board of Directors Meeting  January 9, 2023  Swedish American Hall  In attendance:   Solveig, Lars, Bianca, Jeanette, Marthe, Jesper, Aaron, Lala, Dave Not in attendance:   Ulrika  Minutes   I. Meeting called to order 7:15 PM   II. Review of last meeting’s minutes (see email)  A. Solveig motions to approve, Jeanette seconds; all in favor, none …

Planned events for 2023

Members of the board got together on January 4th to plan and schedule the club events for 2023. The dates are pretty solid at this point, but please note that some events may change or shift. Fingers crossed for more water in Clear Lake this year!